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6 Credit Myths That Have Survived

Improve Your Score by Paying Off Your Debt.

There is some validity to this, but it all depends on what debt you're paying off and how much debt you have to begin with. Your credit usage rate is determined by the amount of revolving credit you possess and the amount you have used. Bringing that rate down to 30% or below can enhance your credit.

When I pay off my debt, it is removed from my report.

Credit accounts might appear on your credit record for up to ten years. A mishandled account (one in which you were consistently late and behind on payments) will appear on your report even after you have fully paid it off.

My spouse has good credit; so do I.

People frequently believe that when applying for a combined loan, a better score is utilized. However, if the scores are considerably different, the lower score will reduce the average and may harm your borrowing ability.

Every Credit Pull Hurts My Score.

Experian, Equifax, and Transunion are the three credit reporting agencies. You may examine each one's credit report once a year with no effect on your credit score. There are also two sorts of pulls: mild and hard. A light pull ensures that you are who you claim to be, but a forceful pull probes a little deeper. Your score might be affected by too many difficult pulls in a short period of time.

Credit Repair Gives me a Clean Slate

Sometimes there are errors on your credit report, and other times you have committed blunders that have resulted in blemishes. Credit repair businesses can assist with this. You can not, however, remove everything off your credit record and begin again. Credit repair will get you back on track, and keeping on track will enhance your score over time.

A New Credit Card Improves My Score

Credit availability leads to a reduced credit usage rate, which is a good thing. Each credit card application, though, is a heavy strain on your credit, and we all know that too many of them may harm your score. Furthermore, opening too many new cards in a short period of time will raise red lights and lower your score.

By Author: Sam Peterson | 19 Jul 2022
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